Who are we?

We are the same as ever, passionate, creative, innovative...


In Bilbao since 2004

We are a great human team led by the Italians Diego and Gino Guglielmi from Verona, “the city of Romeo and Juliet”.

We opened our first ice cream shop in Santutxu, Bilbao, in 2004, to passionately make the best artisan ice cream.

We blend the skill of making Italian ice cream with the philosophy of Basque cuisine, where the product is the main actor.

Bakery shop

In Bilbao since 2004

Our bakery shop is located in Maruri-Jatabe (Bizkaia), a village in Bizkaia, surrounded by nature.

We make a variety of artisan products in our bakery shop, a modern and innovative former farmhouse, that we update every year.

We have an organic product line certified by Eneek.

We are strong supporters of local product, in an organic and natural way, prioritizing local quality products.

We can get to every corner where quality artisan ice cream is appreciated.

Where are we?

Come to meet us

Our bakery shop is in:

Barrio Goieta, 42B
48112 – Maruri–Jatabe
(Bizkaia) Spain

Tel: 620 624 208