Gelato artigianale

We are firm defenders of local products, in an ecological and natural way. We work with local suppliers to keep food miles as low as possible.

Ice cream with substance


Gelato di disegno

What is your product? We specialize in making customized craft ice cream. We turn your product into ice cream.

What's the taste of your brand?

Gelati!! Gelati!!

benvenuti a casa nostra!!

Our mission is producing and distributing high quality artisan ice cream, where the key is using local organic products.

Supplying at the best value for money.

Having a human team that promotes business growth and development.

Our services

we offer you all this and much more


A different popsicle

Dessert jars

Italian desserts

100% organic

creams and chocolate



Italy's oldest secret

Events and workshops

Events and workshops

The best raw ingredients

We can help you set up your own ice cream shop

The best raw ingredients

We use the best raw ingredients... and that's all

We are specialists in making design homemade ice cream of the finest quality, customized for the client, looking for synergies with producers and artisans to get the best added value to their product.


Behind a great gelato or sorbetto there is a great product. We have the best raw products, carefully and passionatelly selected, giving priority to nearby suppliers.


We have a wide experienc of more than 20 years. We are driven by the passion and the enthusiasm to make authentic craft ice cream.

We never stop learning.


Homemade prodution without colorants or preservatives other than the product itself.


The evolution of the market and new trends requires us to innovate and invest and to be able to offer the best products and services to our clients.